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The Residential Projects of Cubit Design Group Ltd in Calgary

Our services

We are introducing to you ‘Cubit Design Group’, the most experienced architects and designers in the city of Calgary. They are the brain and hands behind the beautiful architectural masterpieces and residential projects that have changed the skyline and scenery of the city. Calgary is an evolving city in Alberta with a strong demand for new building constructions that will accommodate the teeming and swarming population, and give the landscape a fresh outlook. This organization has the mission of creating and designing conducive, environments and settings that will boost your experience in Calgary.



Project Management

Cubit Design Group ltd. is the major architect that has designed and constructed most of the outstanding residential projects in Calgary. Some of the services offered by this group are drafting services including application and processing of permits, architectural designs, building constructions, interior decorations, and the restoration of your property from water, flood, and fire damages.

As a renowned architectural firm in Calgary, they are ready to design and build new houses that befit your standards and needs. For example, they can build houses for single-family homes like parents and their children, and they can also build houses for multi-family homes like homes for grandparents, young couples, and siblings, where they can live in a community. The experienced team of professionals in the company can help you plan how to execute your projects, organize how to secure all the materials and resources you need for the starting and completion. They will help you to manage and utilize the resources profitably in a cost-friendly way and meeting the deadline for project completion.


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